Thursday, January 15, 2015

Wavelength shares movies under Hollywood's own terms

Hollywood studios aren't too keen on seeing their movies shared on the internet, but now we have a new service doing precisely that, leveraging their own UltraViolet system and following their own rules, to allow movie sharing among a group of friends.

This limits itself to using what the UltraViolet system allows you to do. UltraViolet allows you to share a movie you bought with up to 6 people. The idea is that it's only fair for your family member to have access to the movies you bought; but the key point is that it really doesn't have to be "family". Nothing stops you from sharing your movies with friends, and vice-versa, and that's precisely what Wavelength does.

Basically, it's the digital equivalent of "can you lend me that movie you own?" but in an even better format, because: first, you won't have to worry about them returning it or damaging it; second, the movie can be streamed to up to 3 friends simultaneously.

Let's see how Hollywood reacts to movie sharing under their own terms.




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