Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Google Translate app lerns Word Lens image translation tricks

If you recall Word Lens it was one of the most amazing apps of the past years, and once it was acquired by Google we all knew it was just a matter of time until it find its way into Google Translate. And a few months later, here it is.

Google Translate app for iOS and Android is now more powerful than ever, not only thanks to Word Lens but also with enhanced multi-language voice conversation translations.

If you've never heard of Word Lens before, it's an amazing app that can instantly translate text by simply pointing your smartphone camera to all sorts of texts, and see a translated version of it right in your smartphone's screen - augmented reality style. (It truly is amazing to see it in action - and much better than what we had in Google Translate app, where you had to snap a picture to have it scan the text and translate it.)

For conversations, you'll no longer have to tap the mic each and every time someone is about to talk. Now you need only start the conversation mode, and the app is smart enough to recognize the language each person is talking and do its job without further interaction.

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