Tuesday, January 13, 2015

AllCast for iOS is finally here

If you ever envied your friends with Android's  because they could use AllCast to wirelessly stream music and videos to Chromecast and all sorts of devices; now you can do the same: AllCast for iOS has finally arrived.

On iOS it's only natural for people to use AirPlay compatible devices for streaming content. But when we consider the ultra-low cost of Google's Chromecast, it's a pity not to use it. AllCast was one of the first non-official apps to allow us to use Chromecast for whatever we wanted to cast, and it's usefulness has lasted to this day.

Using AllCast you can stream pictures, video and music, not only to Google's Chromecast but to Apple TV, Xbox 360 and One, WDTV, Smart TVs, Chrome, several Smart TVs, and other DLNA devices. As for the source, you're not limited to whatever you have on your iPhone or iPad, as you can access content on Dropbox, Google Drive, or network storage devices or computers.

You don't have to spend a cent to try it out, AllCast for iOS is free, though you'll to have to buy the premium version via in-app purchase should you wish to remove the streaming time limit and ads.

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