Monday, September 2, 2019

Google Calendar event images

When we create events in Google Calendar, there's a chance you might end up with a customized image that will allow for a easier visual inspection of our calendar.

Google Calendar flairs have been around for years, but I've just recently noticed it when adding a Karate event and being surprised with a Kimono on the event card. After some googling around I found out there are dozens of these "flairs" for lots of different activities, and I just didn't notice it sooner because the Google Calendar app shows up images related to the event location (such as street view imagery).

Thankfully there was already a list of all the flairs you can get in Calendar. The following list shows each flair ID, as well as the keywords that trigger it.
art: painting, art workshop, sketching workshop, drawing workshop
badminton: badminton
baseball: baseball
basketball: basketball
bbq: bbq, barbecue, barbeque
beer: beer, beers, Oktoberfest, October Fest, Octoberfest
billiard: billiard
bookclub: book club, reading
bowling: bowling
breakfast: breakfast, breakfasts, brunch, brunches
camping: camping
chinesenewyear: chinese new year, chinese new years, chinese new year's
cinema: cinema, movies
clean: cleaning, clean the house, clean the apartment, clean house, tidy up, vacuum clean, vacuum cleaning
code: learn to code, coding time, hackathon, Rails Girls, Railsgirls, Hour of Code, Codecademy, Computer Science, Programming in Python, Web Programming, Programming in Java, Web Development
coffee: coffee, coffees
concert: concert, gig, concerts, gigs
cycling: bicycle, cycling, bike, bicycles, bikes, Biking
dancing: dance, dancing, dances
dentist: dentist, dentistry, dental
dinner: dinner, dinners, restaurant, restaurants, Family meal
drinks: cocktail, drinks, cocktails
golf: golf
graduation: graduation
gym: gym, workout, workouts
haircut: haircut, hair
halloween: halloween, helloween, hallowe'en, Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, All Saints' Eve
hiking: hiking, hike, hikes
kayaking: kayaking
learninstrument: piano, singing, music Class, choir practice, flute, orchestra, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, cornett, trumpet, contrabass, cello, trombone, tuba, music ensemble, string quartett, guitar lesson, classical music, choir
learnlanguage: French Course, German Course, English Course, …, French Class, German Class, English Class, …, Practice French, Practice German, Practice English, …
lunch: lunch, lunches, luncheon
manicure: manicure, pedicure, manicures, pedicures
massage: massage, back rub, backrub, massages
newyear: new year, new year's, new years
oilchange: oil change, car service
pingpong: ping pong, table tennis, ping-pong, pingpong
planmyday: plan week, plan quarter, plan day, plan vacation, week planning, vacation planning
pride: dyke march, christopher street day, gay parade, gay pride, gayglers, gaygler, lesbian march, lesbian parade, lesbian pride, euro pride, europride, world pride, worldpride
reachout: reach out to, write letter, send invitations
read: reading, newspaper
repair: fridge repair, handyman, electrician, DIY
running: jog, jogging, running, jogs, runs
sailing: sail, sailing, boat cruise, sailboat
santa: Santa Claus, Father Christmas
skiing: skiing, ski, skis, Snowboarding, snowshoeing, snow shoe, snow boarding
soccer: soccer
swimming: swim, swimming, swims
tennis: tennis
thanksgiving: thanksgiving
violin: violin, violins
walk: going for a walk, walking
wedding: wedding, wedding eve, wedding-eve party, weddings
xmas: christmas, xmas, x-mas
xmasmeal: christmas dinner, christmas lunch, christmas brunch, christmas luncheon, xmas lunch, xmas luncheon, x-mas dinner, x-mas lunch, x-mas brunch, x-mas luncheon, christmas eve dinner, christmas eve lunch, christmas eve brunch, christmas eve luncheon, xmas eve dinner, xmas eve lunch, xmas eve brunch, xmas eve luncheon, x-mas eve dinner, x-mas eve lunch, x-mas eve brunch, x-mas eve luncheon
xmasparty: christmas party, xmas party, x-mas party, christmas eve party, xmas eve party, x-mas eve party
yoga: yoga

You can see each flair image by using the following URL, replacing the "ID" in the name with the relevant ID from the list above:


  1. Amazing work man, I was looking for these and found it here,no other site have provided such a great detail thanks.

  2. I've found even more that aren't on this list as of me leaving this comment (List below is of the image ID, as I don't know all the possible keywords):

    Karate (Which is in the above images but not in the list)
    Theateropera (Which again is featured in the images above but is not included in the list)

    1. Another I just discovered:


    2. Great answer to my question. Perfect list to go by.

    3. Kind of livens up a boring tool. I love it. Wish they would make one for doctor appointment.

    4. I agree! Doctor's appointments would be amazing

    5. Quilting, sewing, etc also :)

    6. Also, I noticed they are case sensitive

  3. How do you actually add the flair to a calendar event?

  4. FOR: ��Out Door Activities
    ��Athletics Jumping
    ��Walk dog
    ��Ping pong
    ��Martial arts
    ��Horse riding
    ��Climbing or Bouldering
    ��Field hockey

    FOR: ��Indoor Activities
    ��️Video Games
    ��Clean house
    ��Baby shower
    ��‍❤️‍��Date night

    ��Gay pride
    ��Chinese new year
    ��Christmas dinner
    ⛄Christmas party
    ����Santa claus
    ��New year
    ��Mardi gras
    ��Super bowl

    ��Auto repair
    ��️Oil change

    FOR: ��Learning
    ��First Day of School
    ��Book club
    ��French course
    ��Computer science
    ��Plan week
    ��Write letter to

    ��Start cooking dinner

    1. This is awesome!! I love the way you categorized the flairs and grouped them together. I have been looking for flairs that have to do with business like:
      -Paying Bills
      Or something similar to office or business flairs. I'll be checking back to see if anyone else comes up or finds some in the future. Thank you everyone for sharing here. :)

    2. What about holidays like 4th of july, memorial day, veterans day, etc?

  5. Thank you all for sharing here!

  6. I agree with Ruth -- work/admin-related graphics would be great. Even helpful in getting said work done.
    Tech question: how do you cancel a graphic on a one-time basis?

    I notice that the existing flairs are having fun and while they're not absolutely age-specific (that is, they don't only serve the younger and/or able-bodied), they do shun certain categories of great importance. There's a lot of room for development (1) solemn occasions: Funeral. Memorial Service. Unveiling. Et cetera. (2) Medical events of importance: Operation. Chemo. CT Scan. How about civic engagement: Vote. Rally. Et cetera. Not that we care all that much about flairs but their could be packages of them showing styles through the decades. And attitudes such as irreverent or earnest. A 90s Vote flair is hanging chads. Silly stuff. Back to work!

  7. This "feature" is driving me nuts on my Android phone! I DO NOT want a dumb graphic image of a hammock on my "Sleep Medicine Services" appointment; I just want the event color that I chose so when I scroll through dates I can quickly find my events.
    How the heck do I get rid of this? When a map is showing in the background I can long press and delete it. But not these stupid "flairs." GRRRRRR

    1. Go to the Settings, then under General, select the option to turn off Show event illustrations

    2. This only seems to work for iOS, anything for Android users at all?

    3. Skip out of the keywords or adapt them. For example if you write sleepmedicine without a space, it should not show a flair)

    4. On my Android i cant turn flairs off. So my work around is to misspell the keyword. For example: "gymnastics" I add an extra 's' at the end 'gymnasticss'.

  8. So they have one for dentist but not eye doctor, allergist or just plain doctor appointments? Pretty big oversight. Wish there was a way for people to create and share their own.

  9. I use these event images for my son who has ID to manage his calendar. He loves them. Need more for laundry and chores.

  10. I have no Google lab bag thing to click on to get them. How to add it?

  11. is there a way to add your own flair? i have footballs all over my calendar but there is not flair for cheer. i would love to have football and cheer flair so i can easily identify who has games on which days/which days are double game days.

  12. I'd like to see flair for vacationing, like "flight", "vacation", "travel", "commute", "roadtrip", "hotel", "tour"

  13. I find it shocking there's nothing for something the average adult (at least one per household) in this world does about once a week: grocery shopping.

  14. These pictures are just irritating, and I can't find a way to turn them off in the web view. So many horrors :(

  15. If you put a time in the title with @, it shows a meeting graphic. Like Meeting @9:30. I also wish there were "birthday" and "pet."

    1. I can't get the Meeting @time flair to work.

  16. Certainly, we need one for Medical or Health events. Perhaps the Creators of these might see this and add one. Please?

  17. You missed LIBRARY on the list :)

  18. They are missing anything to do with pets! :( "Dog park", "Pet Grooming", "Cat Sitter", "Change fish filter", etc.

  19. Anyone know how to add a [airline] flight flair? When I add Southwest flights, from a Southwest email, to my calendar I get a nice flight flair, but I am unable to add that manually???

  20. They don't seem to have any for yard work - gardening, lawn mowing, leaf raking, all pretty common and regular activities. Wish they did. And I'm with Tricia, nothing for pets, not even vet visit.


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