Friday, August 2, 2019

Mokibo combines keyboard and touchpad

Mokibo is a keyboard that brings to the real world the possibility of using the trackpad without taking the fingers off the keys.

One of iOS's best tricks is the ability to press hard on the virtual keyboard to access a trackpad mode that makes it a lot easier to adjust the cursor to the right spot. For a long time, people have been wandering what it would take to do the same with a physical keyboard, and that's precisely what Mokibo does.

Mokibo is a keyboard that can be used as a trackpad across its entire keyboard area. Instead of constantly jumping between the keys and a mouse or trackoad, simply pressing the section that activates trackpad mode allows us to move the mouse pointer / cursor by sliding the fingers over the keys. And it evens supports multi-touch gestures and all.

The only "cons" I can think of at the moment is that the keys themselves don't seem to be very comfortable to use, and there may be some situations where this system might now work (for example, when you need to press some keys while using the trackpad at the same time - I suppose touching these keys will affect the cursor position).

Still, I hope it's the kind of functionality that can come as standard on all keyboards in the future. It may not completely replace a dedicated mouse or trackpad, but for most scenarios it will make it a lot easier to move the pointer while typing.

For those interested, it is priced at 108 euros, works with PCs, Macs, iOS and Android, and has delivery promised for this month if you can catch the super early bird deal.

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