Friday, January 16, 2015

Chrome OS can finally be accessed via Remote Desktop

Chromebooks have been steadily creeping into our lives, and not they're about to get something that Chrome had for a while in all platforms except Chrome OS: hosting remote desktop sessions.

There are countless reasons you may need to access your computer remotely, and although there are no lack of apps for that, none is simpler that using something you already have on your computer rather than downloading a different app for that - especially for people not comfortable messing around with computers.

Chrome has had it's Chrome Remote Desktop feature for a while, but until now you could only access computers running Chrome in platforms other than Google's own Chrome OS. Something that is finally about to be fixed, allowing you to remotely access you Chromebook from a different computer (or smartphone, or tablet).

Though it may be kind of a moot point - as Chrome OS is basically a "cloud OS" where almost everything is already accessible in another computer once you login into your Google account - I'm sure there will still be some things that will make you thank Google for allowing this remote access to your Chromebook.

What's next? Remote virtual instances of Chrome OS machines running on Google's cloud? :)

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  1. By using tools like logmein, TeamViewer, Bomgar R-HUB remote support servers etc. one can establish remote desktop connection between their computers and chromebooks.


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