Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Verizon's limited "unlimited" plans set straight.

Are you aware that most ISP's and phone operators do impose limits on unlimited data plans?

Well, according to Glenn Fleishman, Verizon won't be doing it anymore.

"Verizon Wireless has settled with the New York State Attorney General over the use of the word 'unlimited' in the marketing for their cell data service, where 'unlimited' meant 5 GB a month, regardless of use.

"The Verizon service, as BoingBoing has noted before, prohibits anything but Web surfing, email, and intranet use, although the revised terms of service indicate downloading legal music is acceptable, while P2P usage is not. The AG's office found that Verizon cut off 13,000 customers nationally over three years for violating its previously not well disclosed limits on unlimited. Verizon no longer calls it unlimited, and stopped cutting people off in April while this complaint was resolved."

In a time where Net Neutrality is dangling on the balance (tipping to the losing side), any action that helps set the records straight in these issues is more than welcomed!

Via [Boing boing]

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