Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blu-ray surpasses HD-DVD in Europe

And the numbers keep coming in, after recent reports from the HD_DVD group showing it as the preferred format, it's time for the Blu-ray camp, once again, to come forth.

According to the independent firm Media Control Gfk International, Blu-ray has sold over 1 million discs this year, which represents 73% of the total number of HD discs sold.

These number do not include Blu-ray games, which according to them represents 21 million discs.

As this war is far from over, it would be safe to assume that the opposite side will soon come forth showing new numbers and reports showing it isn't so...

And while both HD camps keep fighting a silly war no one asked for - the rest of the world realizes: why don't I just download the HD movies directly into my Media Center and forget about this entire disc nonsense?

via [Reuters]

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