Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bluray profiles strike back

Just like I wrote before in a previous post (in portuguese) where I mentioned the burden Bluray had to endure due to its changing specifications, HD-DVD side is now shouting it loud and clear.

Considering that, only now Bluray movies are starting to use the 1.1 Profile (mainly the Picture in Picture feature), it's sad for thousands of people around the world to find out that their $1000 plus Bluray players are unable to play those discs.

Even worse, even though a few select players and the PS3 can be upgraded as soon as its manufacturer decides to release a firmware update, the vast majority will never be able to update their players. You'll end up with a $1000 paper weight! Is this the Ultimate HD experience Bluray wants their customers to have?

The HD-DVD camp is a lot happier when it comes to that, their specs have been set in stone since the very beginning, meaning any player can play any HD-DVD disc without problems.
This also means upgrade capability (with internal flash memory) and internet connectivity, something that will only be mandatory in the upcoming Bluray 2.0 Profile - to add to the confusion.

It's only safe to assume that most studios will prefer to keep their Bluray editions to the bare minimum, to prevent possible law suits from angry customers unable to play their discs - favoring HD-DVD with their enhanced HD editions.

With this in mind - If you had to choose between a Bluray or HD-DVD standalone player, which one would you choose?

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