Monday, November 5, 2007

Google Phone is out - half of it is, at least.

The much anticipated Google Phone announcement was today. As expected, this wasn't really about a hard single product but about the software platform it will run on.

The platform is called Android () and belongs to the Open Handset Alliance.

This Alliance is no small deal, consisting in many heavyweight such as Google (of course), Intel, Nvidia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, SiRF, Synaptics, among many industry leaders and cell phone operators.

Also, there are some high-profile "non-members" as Microsoft (as expected), but also Nokia, Sony-Ericson, Apple, and AT&T. Which side will "win"? My bets are on the open-source side, even though I'm surprised not to see Nokia in the Alliance (they have been pushing linux on their MIDs since the 770).

The software development kit is due to be released next week, and we'll finaly get into the details of this Android open source platform.

One thing is certain: this time next year, we'll probably be using a "real" Google Phone! :)

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