Friday, November 23, 2007

Half-life gets to Toronto - or - Toronto gets into Half-Life

If you fancy the idea of playing your games in real settings (even though Jack Thompson will soon complain about how dangerous it is to allow anyone to act berserk in downtown Toronto - I'm sure) City 7: Toronto Conflict is a Half-Life mod featuring your favorite Toronto landmarks.

ity 7: Toronto Conflict, is an action packed Half-Life 2 mod with a variety of unique levels and game play. Explore what has become of City 7 in areas like Dundas square, Eaton Center , Mel Lastman square, St. Michael's Hospital and TTC system under the Combine rule. This version features Gordon Freeman as the main character, stuck in Toronto due to a teleporting accident in Kleiner's lab. Try to escape this war torn city by finding any type of teleporting technology and send him back to City 17.

Despite our small development team and short production time, we managed to get halfway to the CN tower and have already created 2-3 hours of fun and action packed game play! We want to finish this mod the way it was intended it to be, as a glimpse at what happen to a part of North American during the Combine invasion.

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