Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The perfect Eee PC

Just yesterday, I was once again discussing with some friends how the Eee PC could be improved... and it hit me!

Asus could easily turn the Eee PC into the perfect Eee PC!

Just think about it... what would you add/change to make it just perfect?

Obviously, the screen would be the first thing to change: a thin framed 10" LCD would fit perfectly (and ditching those ugly speakers next to it)

Memory wise, 1Gb is adequate - 2Gb would be better, but it would also drive the cost up. I would leave that to its next version.
As for the flash SSD, 8Gb is enough for me - but it would be nice to have an upgrade path to those needing more space.

And last but not least, the thing they already have in their R50:
GPS, 3.5G connectivity, and touchscreen.

These are a must to turn it into the perfect mobile mini-laptop.

C'mon Asus, would it be so hard to deliver this?

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