Monday, December 31, 2007

Force Dynamics - Affordable Real Virtuality

Are you crazy for flight/driving simulators? Then you'll definitely want to see what I have to show you today. Force Dynamics is a company that specializes in turning virtual reality a lot more realistic. Just check their amazing 301 model in action.

Or, if you prefer F1 racing:

You can find a lot more info and videos on Force-Dynamics.

They call their 301 model a "low-cost" solution - and while I do agree that's quite affordable for professional/commercial simulators, I don't think many hardcore gamers will be ready to hand out $37,500 for it.
These models are designed for professional use - in fact, for added realism they can even offer you a more advanced model:
We also have a 401 with a base price of $52000.00 USD. The 401 has a 4th, yaw axis, which provides 180 degrees of rotation. This was designed to be used as a training simulator for professional race drivers and other high performance drivers.
I sure wouldn't mind taking one of those out for a spin. :)

But all is not lost... and for 2008 they expect to have their new Force Dynamics 201 model ready for shipment .
The 201 will be aimed at the simracer/home user. Basically it will be a scaled-down version of the 301 with more limited motion, but - more importantly - also with a much smaller price tag.

Keep your eyes and ears open, as you may very well be sitting on one less than a year from now.

I do think Force Dynamics may be tapping into an unexplored market here - lots of people invest a lot of money on "gaming". An affordable flight/driving simulator one could have in their own gaming room would surely be a huge success.

Anyone care to comment on how much you'd be willing to spend on such a system?


  1. I figured $20,000 for the 301

  2. What about $5,000 for the newcoming 201?

  3. That will certainly make it a lot more attractive for serious hardcore gamers who often spend thousands on the latest computer hardware.

    I'll be waiting for a review of the 201.

  4. the 201 is just made up. Now confirmed news about this. I have asked Force Dynamics and the deny such a model.

  5. It's a pity... a more affordable version would certainly be welcomed.
    But this kind of quality doesn't come cheap. :/

  6. man i hope its cheap.


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