Friday, December 21, 2007

LCD vs Plasma: Fight!

When you talk about LCDs and Plasmas, conversation quickly becomes a lot like opposing football teams shouting at each other.
However, no arguments can beat facts, and when you place the best LCD right next to the best Plasma TV... which one will provide a better viewing experience?

That's what the folks from Sound&Vision magazine did, comparing the LCD Samsung LN-T5281F and the Plasma Pioneer Elite PRO-110FD Kuro.
(And yes, this Samsung LCD has multi-zone led backlighting, for the best "black levels" around... or so we're told.)

And the result?

While this Samsung does indeed provide the best blacks ever seen on any LCD screen, the Pioneer Plasma can still beat it.
(oh well, there goes my bet on the LED backlighting... maybe the next version?)

In fact, these gentleman, who spend their lives looking at HD screens say that this Pioneer is the best ever screen, ever seen - period!

So, if you're still searching for the perfect Christmas gift, and have no problem spending over $4000 USD on screen, this the perfect TV for your home theater.

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