Monday, December 17, 2007

Samsung readying 4000x2000 LCDs?

According to NYTimes Samsung's LCDs VP said that the LCD business is going well for Samsung.

Their latest Gen 8 LCD manufacturing plant allows them to efficiently cut 50" LCD panels, unlike previous Gen 7 plants, optimized for 40" and 46" screens.

And if you think your 1080p FullHD set will last for long...

“The next wave of resolution will be 8 times the resolution of H.D.,” he predicted of high-definition sets, noting that Samsung expects to start making displays that are roughly 4000 pixels by 2000 pixels. The company hasn’t started building a plant that would do this, but it is starting to talk about the idea with potential customers.

“We’re not trying to force the market to move,” he said. “But sometimes technology surprises you and things pull in much quicker than you expect.

So, get ready - we might be enjoying full 4k movies in our living rooms before you know it.

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