Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Eee PC gets WiMAX and Bigger LCD with 1280x768?

The rumors about the Asus Eee PC keep going strong, but this time some info comes from Asus itself.
Join ASUS, Intel and Sprint to learn about the state of WiMAX technology, preview next-generation mobile solutions (including the next generation EeePC) and immerse yourself in tomorrow’s wireless protocol.
So, a WiMAX enabled Eee PC is almost certain - and I'm sure thousands of users will gladly take it.

As for the bigger LCD - since it's the thing I've been "complaining" about since I first reviewed it - according to China Times:
Asustek also Eee PC, the new specifications will be listed in addition to the screen some of the current seven inches, will join the 8.9-inch screen.
understood that Eee PC 7-inch panel prices about 40 US dollars, 8.9-inch panel prices about 55 to 60 US dollars to Eee PC
As you can read for yourself, 15 or 20 USD... that's all it takes to have a bigger 8.9" LCD screen (hopefully 1280x600 or 1280x720) - I just can't understand why they didn't select it right from the start..

We'll have to wait until Jan 7th to see if the WiMAX Eee PC will have this new 8.9" LCD - I hope it does; but considering the success they've been having with the current model, I wouldn't be surprised if they delayed this new model for as long as possible.

Edit: I've been digging around to find which 8.9" LCD they could use, and I found these 8.9" 1280x768. Wouldn't that be just perfect? :)

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