Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eee PC with larger LCDs [Pics]

And here it is: the first photos of the Eee PCs with larger LCDs.

We can see the original Eee PC on the left, with its 7" LCD screen. The 8" model is on the right, using the exact same case.

There are no images of the 8.9" model - but it's theoretically possible to use the 8.9" LCD on the original Eee PC case.

Even stranger, the 8" model has the exact same resolution of the 7" screen (800x480) meaning...

Slightly bigger screen, no extra desktop real estate that is so desperately needed in a screen with only 480 pixels of vertical resolution.
I realize this suits Asus - it can use the same interface they developed for the original Eee without modification, and the extra cost will be negligible. I expect they'll soon phase out the 7" Eee PC and release this 8" version.

On the other hand, the 8.9" LCD appears to have higher resolution, but there are no details about it. As I previously reported, there are LCD manufacturers offering these LCDs with 1280x800 resolution - and that would be excellent. But how much would Asus ask for that enhancement? That's yet to be announced.

I still hope they'll be able to somehow fit a higher resolution 8.9" LCD in the original form factor, that will make the Eee PC appealing to a much larger audience.

via [Eeepcnews]

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