Thursday, January 17, 2008

Is Free Internet coming to an End?

Just like in many other countries around the world, with severely limited internet connections, Time Warner now wants to take a step back, and start charging you by the "byte".

Say goodbye to unlimited data connections - if they do as they want, you'll be paying each megabyte going through your connection dearly.

According to them, they "need" to do this to stop a small percentage from internet users to use up to 50% of all bandwidth.
However, with HD online movie rentals and streaming becoming more likely each day, this will soon lead to heavy extra fees if you want to use the internet connection you're already paying for!
Don't they advertise high bandwidth speeds? Don't they advertise unlimited data plans? Isn't that what you'er paying?... Apparently they think that's not enough.

If you watch a couple HD programs per day and an HD movie every now and then, you can easily get over the proposed 500Gb monthly limit and incur in serious extra payments.

With all the traffic shaping, packet filetering - and who knows what else! - going on, things are not looking for net neutrality advocates and a free internet for all.

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