Sunday, February 3, 2008

Double-Layer DVDs affect Wii

The latest game for Nintendo Wii: Super Smash Brothers Brawl is the first to use double-layer discs, and it's causing a lot of problems. Multiple reports of people experiencing lots of disc read errors have been complaining about it.

Now Nintendo has stated that these problems are probably due to dust build up on the DVD drive lens, as the double layer DVD requires more "sensitivity" to be read.
Drives that can read single-layer DVDs may fail when trying to read these DL DVDs.

The introduction of Dual-Layer DVDs seems to have been dictated by "copy-protection" reasons alone - as it's doubtful that such a game would require more than the disc space provided by single layer DVDs.
If that's so, lots of people will have problems when they buy this game, problems that would be avoided if they used a single layer DVD.
"Pirates" on the other hand, will continue to copy these games as usual, with reports of hackers already stripping the dummy data and placing the entire game in a single layer disc.

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