Thursday, February 14, 2008

Multiply your PC

Sometimes, we need to have several people using a computer. But for some applications, having a computer for each one - even with today's cheap computers - it's overkill.

That's exactly what these boards from NComputing try to fix, allowing a single computer to host up to 6 extra terminals at a very low cost.

It's a simple process, you plugin a host card into your main PC, and you can then use regular network cables to connect it to 3 extension boxes. In these boxes you'll connect a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers.

Here's a small video to show you how it's done.

[Youtube video]

If 6 terminals aren't enough for you, NComputing has other solutions allowing you to use up to 30 terminals per computer - which would work fine for schools and similar activities.
With current dual and quad core computers spending most of their time idling, using it to serve extra terminals is something that is bound to attract some users.

Visit NComputing for more info.

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