Monday, February 11, 2008

Xubuntu Vista

Some people say we shouldn't argue about personal taste. If there's something you can do with Linux environments, it's the complete customization of how it looks.

So, if you're into lightweight and effective Linux desktops (in this case Xubuntu) but you love Windows Vista look, how about turning your Xfce into a perfect copycat?

That's exactly what our friend Vincent at xubuntublog did.

Whether you do it for fun or to help someone switch over from Vista to Xubuntu, it will just take a couple of minutes to make your Xfce look exactly like Vista's Aero.

Just follow his instructions.


  1. Hehe, "friends" should be singular, I run that blog alone ;)

    Thanks for linking :)

  2. Edited! :)

    Glad to link to all good posts. :)


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