Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MSN Music Alienates Paying Customers

You can't imagine how sick I get when I read about this kind of stuff. This time is Microsoft's own MSN Music that will shutdown their DRM authentication server.

What does this mean?

Well, quite simply: you'll soon be unable to transfer the music you legally bought and own to any other device.

Sure, you'll still be able to listen to it on the current computer, using the current operating system. But don't even thing of touching that machine again. Upgrading to a new OS or new computer? Forget it! That music will be forever locked in that old aging computer... until it's gone for good.

As always, they'll probably suggest you burn your music into CDs and re-rip it.
But... what's the whole point of buying downloadable digital music???

What more does it take for them to see that DRM like this simply doesn't work?

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