Thursday, April 10, 2008

Viewfinder - Photosynth on Google Earth?

Viewfinder offers a new and very interesting way to connect Flicker to Google Earth, but it's impossible to see the following video and not think about Microsoft Lab's own Photosynth.

Similar, but not quite the same. With viewfinder you can perfectly align your photos over a 3D environment like Google Earth.
  • Google Earth has posed several hundred photos in Google Earth and has 4.5 million geo-located more photos to go;
  • Microsoft PhotoSynth has an impressive way of automatically combining sets of photos from the same area but with no underlying 3D model and cannot handle most photos taken under arbitrary conditions;
  • Yahoo Flickr taps the power of the community to create and organize an enormous free-for-all database but has no 3D world models.

If you want to properly place your photos over Google Earth, you can use a 2D mode:

As well as a 3D mode:

Projecto interessante. :)

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