Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wiimote on the Nokia N810

What can I say? It's the advantages of using a standard protocol for input devices... even though it took a lot of experimenting till "hackers" found out how to properly use all Wiimote functions.

If it's common to use Nintendos bluetooth Wiimote controller on the PC, this is slightly different: as you can now use it on your Nokia N810 MID.

Thanks to a small python script, your Nokia can now receive the Wiimote bluetooth commands and translate it into common X-Windows events (simulating keypresses and mouse clicks.)

Check the video:

Project page [WiiControl]


  1. Nokia reviews
    Nokia N810 and
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  2. Now you have to open up the 810 and pop 4 IR LEDs at each corner of the screen...


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