Friday, May 2, 2008

Farbrausch Debris

Just do me a favour...

Watch this Youtube video (and endure the 1st minute which is kind of slow).

Even so, this low resolution video pales in comparison to how ti looks like in full-screen, high resolution video as you can watch in your own PC (provided you have a decent 3D graphics card.)

The best part? How much do you think such a demo "weighs"? 300MB? 100Mb?
... not quite...

Just an incredible 180 Kb!

You read it right, 180Kb for 7 minutes of high resolution 3D video, with music, detailed textures, particles, shadows, lighting, etc.

Just see it for yourself [Farbrausch fr-041 Debris]

Now... where are those guys claiming that 50GB wasn't enough for their game?...

If you prefer something a bit more interactive, you can try their FPS game, which will waste an even smaller 96Kb! kkrieger.

Now, tell me if we should let any game install Gigabytes of data into our hardrives unless it actually provides a better "experience", millions of times better than these small demo examples, to justify their hunger for Gigabytes.

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