Saturday, May 24, 2008

Handwriting Recognition - Leopard vs Vista

At last, something Vista seems to do amazingly well! :)

Check this video showing how handwriting recognition works on Leopard and Vista.

via [MobilitySite]


  1. Thank you so much for your complete and very informative videos for handwriting recognition using tablets or PCs. I appreciate you inclusion of Macs, since both Microsoft PCs and Macs ship with recognition software already in the OS.

    Your work and comparisons were very easy to understand. Your thoroughness was impressive.

    Do you run a business of any sort, or do you prefer to stay a super-talented geek so you can do things like these videos?

    Thanks again - you made a mess of hardware and software make sense! - Susan

  2. Hi Susan.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't me who made these videos. (Hence the link to the original site. :)

    Maybe when Appl does launch the rumoured iTablet I'll be able to get one and play around with it.

    Until then, I hope they improve their software to match Microsoft's performance in this field.


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