Thursday, May 15, 2008

Windows 7 to be More Efficient, says Gates

While Microsoft continually brags about Windows Vista, the truth is public opinion doesn't always feel so great about it.

How can they? We've reached a point where they tell us 2GB is the RAM amount we need to run Vista "comfortably".

2 Gigabytes of RAM...
We think of this amount of 2GB as being meaningless...

How can anyone explain then, that I can regularly work on an old Win95 PC, running on an AMD 300Mhz CPU, with 64Mb RAM, and do 99% of things I can do with Vista?
How do they explain I can run XP with 256Mb quite nicely?

There's no excuse for an O.S. to be as bloated as Vista...

And it's now Bill Gates that comes to say that the next Windows, for now only known as Windows 7, will use less memory and be more efficient.

I guess we have to thank people for finally realizing that it's not all about "bigger is better." If that was true, all windows mobile devices running of much faster hardware than the iPhone would provide a better user experience - and that's the opposite of what it actually happens.

The trick is not having even faster hardware, what we need is for software makers to finally use every bit of available power as efficiently as possible. If Apple did what it did on the iPhone, why can't we have that same kind of efficient software running on hardware hundreds of time more powerful?

I hope the time for software efficiency has finally arrived. Where people won't tolerate waiting for dozens of seconds for something to pop up on screen...

I sure hope that time has come, where really good programmers can finally stand out from the crowd...

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