Saturday, June 14, 2008

Denon Ultra Premium Rip-off Cables

I can't understand how someone can fall for this stuff...

Denon has introduced a set of Ethernet "Ultra Premium" AK-DL1 59 inch cables to connect to their Denon-Link components.

The issue is: they cost $500!

That's right, half a G for a set of ethernet cables transporting digital information - something that any sub $5 Cat5 Ethernet cable can do.

As if it wasn't enough all the "hocus-pocus" going around on the analog hifi cable debate - with the alleged audiophiles not being able to tell the difference between cables costing thousands of dollars and a coat hanger - now they're trying to do the same in the digital world?

Are their Zero's and One's better than any others? Geeeezzz...

[Denon via Gizmodo]

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