Wednesday, July 30, 2008

App Store DRM Hacked - the iPhone is Free

Once again the futility of spending millions in DRM protections is proven.

The fairpplay DRM Appl uses in their App store has been cracked and the most popular games and apps for the iPhone are already being freely shared on the Internet.

When will they understand that the only way to end this is to make it not worth it?
Just focus on providing people what they want, without nasty DRM methods, and let people feel happy to pay for it!

How many times, haven't I bought a CD, DVD, game or whatever; *after* I had already downloaded it from the internet?
How many times haven't I downloaded stuff I already own - because I wasn't willing to keep my legally bought gam in the drive everytime I wanted to play that game?

I have no problem paying for the stuff I listen, watch, or play.
I just won't accept being trated like a criminal everytime I press play on the DVD I *bought*;
I won't accept buying a music CD that installs malware and rootkits on my PC;
I won't accept buying a computer game that installs so much crap on it just to "validate" my game.

via [Gizmodo]

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