Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ReWalk - to Walk Again

Here's the kind of news we should hear about more often.

Finally, the technological advances in robotics and exoskeletons are reaching the ones needing them the most.

After 20 years of wheelchair "confinement", a man was able to walk again with ReWalk.

Ironically, the man who devised this system is himslef unable to use his own invention.  Amit Goffer is a quadraplegic without the necessary dexterity to operate ReWalk.
(At least, not in this current form. But who knows what the future may hold?)

It also makes us wonder: what could we (as a human race) achieve if instead of wasting billions in weapons, we dedicated all those resources to enhance our lives and the world we live in...

via [Medgadget]

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