Monday, August 25, 2008

iPhone 3G Reception Problems

A lot has been said about the iPhone 3G reception problems, with it showing a faint reception signal in places other phones show maximum signal strength.

Apple says it's a problem affecing just 2% of the iPhones, but its secrecy creates the perfect environment for "conspiracy thories" to pop up - both possible and probable ones as well as completely improbable and ridicule ones.

The last 2 "rushed" firmware updates have done little to fix these issues. And while I have never experienced those dreaded 3G connection problems affecting some users I'm still annoyed by having experienced the "keyboard slowdown" once (so far) after upgrading to the latest firmware version.

As for the real problems (the 3G connection issues) some swedish experts have testes some cellphones and found iPhone reception to be just fine.
They compared iPhone 3G  with a Nokia N73 and a Sony Ericsson P1 and found nothing wrong with the iPhone.

Which might help give somre credibility to those rumours saying iPhone's hardware is just fine and that these issues are due to improper settings making it more sensitive to 3G network variations.
While other cellphones will keep the 3G connection even if the signal drops to a weak level, the iPhone 3G will let go of the connection as soon as its quality level drops a bit and revert back to GPRS network.

Sure, this all depends on location and the existing network traffic, which might also help explain why some countries and areas have experienced these problems while others haven't.

Whatever the reason, there's no excuse for anyone buying an iPhone to be a "beta tester" to Steve Job's products.

Apple must fix these (and other) issues as quickly as possible and - more importantly - keep its customers informed about what they're doing. No more single wording "bug fixes" description on the firmware updates.
We're entitled to know what problems have been fixed.

As for me, I can tell Apple that the keyboard slowdown issue has definitely not been fixed in the latest 2.0.2 update!

(And do implement Copy-Paste once and for all!)

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