Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cool Down your PC with the Thermaltake Xpressar

Just the other day I was talking about a skeleton case for your PC with lots of air to cool down your PC - but today I have an even better proposal for you.

Don't tell me the thought of placing your hot computer inside your refrigerator never crossed your mind!

Well, if you can't put your PC inside a refrigerator, what about placing a refrigerator inside your computer?

It sounds crazy, but it's indeed true: just check Thermaltake's Xpressar PC case.

It works just like a refrigerator, although with a smaller and less powerful compressor (50W.)

It is said it can drop 20ºC off a similar but non-refrigerated liquid-cooling system.

What do you think?
I guess it may be "cool" to have one of these, especially if you can stick a couple of beer/coke/soda cans in there to cool off whenever you feel like it.

via [Gizmodo]

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