Thursday, September 11, 2008

iPhone Useful Wallpaper

While what we really want is the chance to use Intelliscreen in non-jailbreaked iPhones (if that ever comes to happen,) that doesn't mean you can't put a very simple feature to good use: the screen capture function together with the wallpaper.

As you're probable aware, you can easily take a snapshot of whatever is on your iPhone screen by clicking the "home" button wile pressing the "lock" button.

That means you can easily snap a photo of your task list, calendar, weather reports, or even a webpage filled with relevant info - and set it as your wallpaper so you can have easy access to it by simple looking at your iPhone even in locked mode.

Talk about putting the wallpaper into good use. Instead of using a "pretty" picture you're actually using it for something useful.

I now it is a very basic and "cheap" trick... but it does work.

You can also easily use it to take a snapshot of a note stating: "If you found this iPhone please return it to ... " which can be useful - considering there are still honest people out there that would return an iPhone they found lost somewhere.

Of course nothing stops you from using Photoshop to create an even more creative and useful wallpaper.

But again... what we really need is Intelliscreen working in all iPhones, jailbreaked or not. ;)

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