Thursday, September 25, 2008

StarCAVE - one step closer to the Holodeck

Slowly but steadily we get closer to the famous Holodeck from Star Trek.

Sure, we still have a very long way to go... but these VR rooms are becoming more impressive than ever.

At the UC San Diego, a team of researchers has built a 3rd generation VR room called StarCAVE.

With over 68 million pixels processed in real time (and in 3D) you can imagine what kind of hardware is involved:

  • 34 latest generation graphic chips from NVIDIA
  • 34 High-definition 2K projectors (2048x1536) - 2 for each screen, to create the 3D effect
  • Each pair of projectors is connected to a high-end computer with a quad-core CPU running Linux, dual graphic cards, and dual network cards for gigabit Ethernet or 10GigE networking.

The end result is something never seen before in a VR room of this kind.
But things won't stop here and the team is already planning on the upgrading the current projectors to 4K resolution. These will allow the StarCAVE to have 20/20 visual quality... meaning... it will be as real as your eyes can see.

[University of California]

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