Friday, October 10, 2008

ATM Pro Scammers

It's not hard to assume even thieves are going hightech these days.

If you're probably aware of those dreaded ATM scammers that store all your credit (and debit) card information whenever you use it on a bugged ATM, you might want to know that newer versions can SMS that info in real time back to the thief.

After all, going back to retrieve the device was one of the biggest risks for them, right?

But, you really have to admire the manufacturers attention to detail, going as far as using the exact same manufacturing process to ensure the skimmer has the exact same texture and color of the intended ATM machine - oh yes, they carry a large assortment of models for most USA/European ATMs.

But as life isn't easy these days - not even for thieves - the data sent to their computers is encrypted so they can feel safe. After all, we wouldn't want anyone to steal all those valuable card data from them, right?

And if you're considering turning into the "dark side" and making a quick buck with one of these, you better think again. These devices aren't sold to any individual - oh no - you need to have someone vouching for your reputation on this sort of business.

Would you believe that?...

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