Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gmail Goggles - Google Sanity Checker

Emails are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. They're fast, cheap, and easy to use.

But all that easiness also has its drawbacks: once you click that "Send" button there's no way back. Your email will reach its destination in a few milliseconds and there's no way to stop it.

This means that we - as flawed human beings with our own moments of weakness - are very much likely to send some emails we'll later regret. Particularly when we're likely to be annoyed or... how to put it mildly?... drunk.

That's where Gmail Goggles comes in to save the day night.
(Yep, that's no typo, it's Goggles not Google)

When this new Google Labs feature is active, it will require some extra confirmation before it sends your email.

Of course, you can easily adjust it to cover all your "party hours" - by default Gmail Goggles comes active for the weekends only.

via [Gmail Blog]

1 comment:

  1. How much do I *L*O*V*E*, love, love, the person who created this program???

    If only I had this years ago... before I buried myself in hundreds of hard copies and countless drafts waiting to be edited, checked, scanned, formatted, reviewed, merged, referenced, compared or merged with older versions of the same document.

    Files of files waiting to be examined at a later date -- preferably by someone else! At least I am not the only one in need of a "sanity checker!"

    Call it OCD, ADD, paranoia or just plain pathetic... but this degree of uncertainty has prevented me from doing soooo many things in my life... everything from filing a job application, turning in graduate school applications and assignments on time... EVERYTHING is late! EVERYTHING is pending! EVERYTHING is probably good enough! EVERYTHING was probably good enough in the first time around!

    Getting hung up on the small details certainly becomes problematic after 13 or 14 years working on your um-teenth hundred draft copy to be edited by someone else who will not ruminate about sending an imperfect writing specimen or a few misplaced commas... I always regret hitting "send" too soon, too often, sometimes too early, but now more than ever, it is often too late!

    Where can I sign up for a personal the "sanity checker" to guide me through the rest of my life??? To clear a path to my closet, or help me find the floor...

    Thanks so much to the genius who invented this gadget!

    I hope it works well!

    How I wish I could revert back to my days before the technological revolution. My mind has information overload. My life has information overload. My cyberseeking tools and inquisitive mind have become my cryptonite. Please-- make it stop! Stop the questions, stop the memories, stop the madness!

    Just, plain, stop!

    I miss Mel Marks' red ink pens back in college. Long before I knew what a computer was or how to turn the damn thing on. Now there's e-mail, Internet, spyware, malware, software utilities...

    Life was so much easier before I became dependent upon technology and this stupid little box I cannot seem to pull myself away from. And now, much like my racing thoughts and RAM (random access memory) and my crazy busy mind that is a near perfect reflection of my chaotic life. My paper trail reaches from one room into the next... one year to the next... one decade to the next...

    Now I can't seem to turn the thing off... I can't seem to turn anything in, and I can't seem to make things just perfect enough.


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