Saturday, November 1, 2008

Annoying Dialog Boxes

How can we still stand up with such annoying and stupid (and easy to fix!) flaws as the ones plaguing Windows dialog boxes?

Dialog boxes are used for many purposes - one of which is to ask you for confirmation for something you're trying to do.

But, current operating systems are known as "multi-tasking", because you can be doing lots of stuff at the same time - like, writing an email, while copying files from one place to another.
And the result is: you're writing as usual, and then suddently a dialog box pops up and before you know it you already typed Y, N, C, "Space", or any other key that triggers an option and makes it go away.
So... what did you just do??? Did you cancel it? Did you delete all your files by accident? What?

That's why internet browsers now implement a countdown timer to "enable" to dialog box - so you can really see what you're doing.

How is it possible for Windows to suffer from this stupid issue still?

Now I'll have to double check if everything I wanted to copy was indeed copied, or if I chose not to overwrite files, or whatever...

P.S. Not to mention those annoying modal dialog boxes, that stop you from clicking anywhere else.

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