Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AVG Antivirus considers Windows a Virus

If you happen to AVG antivirus on Windows XP - beware! A recent update causes 'user32.dll' (a critical system file) to be wrongfuly detected as a Virus, and recommends it to be deleted.

If you do so, you'll immediately wreck your Windows and be unable to use it.

A newer AVG update already fixes this issue.

If you have messes with your user32.dll, then you'll need to restore it from your original windows CD, or use another boot CD like UBCD to repair it.

If, after this issue you feel you better find another free antivirus alternative, don't forget to check Avira - which is the one I use; lightweight and free.


  1. recomendas a desinstalação do AVG e a instalação do Avira?

  2. Eu sou fã incondicional do Avira Free-AV.
    Não dá stress, nem se "sente" no computador.
    Para além de ter um interface bastante simples sem "xuning". :)

    A unica "azeiteirice" é o popup screen com publicidade sempre que vai fazer um update, mas que se pode desactivar com um truque simples.


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