Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laser Projectors

I don't even have to tell you how desperate I am to see one of those LaserVue sets - the ones using lasers as light sources and therefore able to show colors well beyond traditional technologies.

While LaserVue is a rearprojection TV set, it seems that the same concept will soon be used in front projection systems.

Up till now, 35mm film has regarded as the reference in color reproduction, able to reproduce 60% of the color gamut visible by the human eye.
However, these laser projector are capable of reproducing 80% of the visible spectrum - becoming the new reference.
(And, with more pwerful lasers, it might even reach 90% of the visible color range!)

I just hope these projectors arrive to my local cinemas soon - or even better - that I can afford one at home! :)

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