Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MSI Wind with New CPUs and Hybrid SSD/HD

While some begin to doubt the popularity of the netbook concept (mostly those who don't quite get it isn't supposed to replace a full laptop/desktop computer for full-time working) MSI is about to make its interesting MSI Wind even more... interesting.

... and I'm not talking about cosmetic details ...

After the U120 with 3G, we're about to get the new U110 and U115 with newerer Intel Atom Z530 CPUS, which are even more efficient than the regular Atoms.
But it doesn't stop there; some models will come with WiFi Draft-N (something alreday present on some Eee PCs from Asus) and, perhaps more interesting, an hybrid SSD/HD system. With the faster SSD being used for the OS, and the traditional hard drive for larger data storage (up to 250GB.)

via [gizmodo]

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