Thursday, January 8, 2009

ASUS Eee Keyboard

It's nice to see Asus keeping up the good work and pushing computers and technology forward. After introducing us the first Eee PC - and starting the netbook revolution - I hope this Eee Keyboard might have a similar effect despite its new format.

Do you remember the days where you had the computer integrated with its own keyboard? Computers like the ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga 500, and others, had it.

So, how do you think a new approach to this old concept would work?

From what I can see from its pictures... it will work rather well!

There's isn't much info about its specs, but Wireless HDMI is a given - meaning this small keyboard can soon replace your computer in any living room with a suitable TV.

I just hope Asus can deliver this at a competitive price, so this device can soon initiate the new "netbook" revolution.

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