Monday, February 2, 2009

Breaking the 140 char Limit in Twitter

Are you tried of twitting several messages when you wanted to write just a single long sentence or paragraph?

Well, today - by accident while copy-pasting - I found out that you can easily do that, and you don't require any special service that asks for your twitter login/password to bypass the 140 char limit in Twitter (and other micro blogging services.)

Just use a URL shortening service like or (probably works in all others as well.)

As I was about to shorten a URL, I pasted a very long sentence to and... surprise: it still worked!

Just click on this shortened url:  and read its expanded version in your browser url input box.
Should read something like:
http://www.using url shortener services is a great way to send encrypted long messages in microblogging services./
The trick is to end the sentence with a "." - to fool the service into believing it's a valid URL.

I don't recommend that you use it a lot, but maybe it will come in handy some time...
(or at least, until they implement a better url validation scheme :)


  1. Dude, get a life... and for really long twitters use e-mail.

  2. As any other suggestion/tip, everyone's free to *not* use it. :P


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