Saturday, February 7, 2009

Google announces Measurement Labs

Though much has been said about Internet Neutrality lately, the problem is many ISPs are still implementing traffic shaping and packet filtering in their services.

The excuse that P2P and bit torrent traffic is used for illegal downloads is mute - in a time when more and more services jump in to make use of this effective way to easily (and cheaply) transfer large quantities of data to a broad internet audience

Even CNN itself used P2P technology to stream Obama's inauguration video to millions of users worldwide - a feat that would traditionally require an insane number of servers and expensive bandwidth.

So, you may be unware that the Internet access you're paying, may in fact be just "half" of the what you're paying for.
So, I'm happy to see Google making things clearer by creating their Measurement Labs.

This Measurement Labs provides several tests you can do to determine just how transparent your internet connection really is.

For instance, you can easily check if your ISP is blocking torrents.

I hope this new site will help shed some light over what ISPs are actually doing with our data, and keep them from silently messing up with our data streams.

In fact, instead of trying to "block" torrents, they'd be much better off if they embraced it and helped it evolve to even more efficient levels, like the so-called P4P (auto-translated link, sorry).

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