Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Follow Twitter Conversations

One of the most common complaints about Twitter among newcomers is that it seems nearly impossible to easily follow a string of "reply's" along a conversation - especially if it involves some users you're not following yet.

Well, you may not have noticed it, but you can easily fix that by browsing to Twitter's search page and using the simple but highly useful show conversation feature.

Clicking on it will display the entire conversation in an easy to interpret way.

Sure, you can also use a feature-rich Twitter client offering the same conversation view, but if you ever need/want to do it on the web, now you know how.


  1. wow!!! that is clever! thanks so much for lettin me in on this secret i'v been trying to find a solution like this, just wonderin though got a nifty simple way to do this between two users, like two other ppl ur following?

  2. You can see the conversation view for any users (as long as they haven't protected their tweet).

    Do you mean when there are a lot of users involved in a single conversation, and you just want to see just 2 of them?


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