Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Windows 7 DRM

If you thought Windows 7 could still have a chance of becoming a useful OS... I'm sorry to inform you: it won't.

Do you remember the time you could use your computer as you saw fit? Well, it seems that Microsoft and its upcoming Windows 7 cares more about what they want.
  1. Beware, he who dares mess with any .DLL file! - For he/she will be forever locked out of access to their files.

  2. Firewall? As long as you're not a MS buddy... If you are, you can change firewall settings at will without confirmation or notification. Meaning, not only can your computer report back to whatever software maker, but that maker could also possibly call your computer whenever they want.

  3. Last but not least. Fancy that new "high-def" audio card you just bought? Well, sorry to tell you: if you're planning on recording any audio from your own computer, all you'll get is a low-def audio recording worse than you ever had with your first computer a decade ago. The OS prevents you from doing high quality recordings if it's playing back any audio at the time.

My question is: who is their right mind would want to pay for such an aoperating system?

I wouldn't want it even if it was for free!


  1. Windows 7 seems to be less valuable than Xp; why spend so much money for a so poor OS?

  2. ... why do you think they're discontinuing XP? Lots are/would still be happy with it for a long time.


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