Tuesday, March 24, 2009

iPhone Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation (with Voice)

It may have taken too long, but at last it seems that the iPhone will finaly get a GPS navigation app like most people want: a voice prompt turn-by-turn app, the Sygic Mobile 2009.

Using TeleAtlas maps, it features all the things we'd hope for; including real time traffic updates (which can be disabled if you don't want your iPhone connecting to the web while travelling.)

My only issues with it are:
1) Considering the 1 USD is now less than 0.80 Euros, how can they expect european customers to pay 79 Euros for an app that costs 79 USD (61 Euros) in the US?

2) Considering that price, for a bit more you can get a dedicated GPS navigation unit that won't stop working as soon as you take a call or check your SMS.

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