Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3D Web - Google O3D

O3D is Google's latest project, attempting to bring 3D worlds into our web browsers.

As you can watch on the following video, the result seem a lot better than those provided by VRML (which never really made it into the mainstream.)

Will this O3D be different? I doubt anyone can tell for sure...
But I can't help but wonder... imagine if, some years from now, we'd be able to run a game like Crysis, emulated inside a regular web browser! :)


  1. There are already games like that inside the web browser. (O3D is certainly not the first general-purpose 3D browser plug-in with accelerated graphics.) For example, Unity has provided a stable plug-in for years, which has become very popular.

    Cartoon Networks made their fullblown MMO FusionFall as a 3D in-browser game with Unity ( ). Also, lots of indie game developers use it too, to create games such as Off-Road Velociraptor Safari and RC Laser Warrior.

    It's interesting how Google's Beach Demo looks similar to Unity's vast Tropical Paradise Demo (except this one is a huge island and has collision physics - much closer to crysis):

    Nevertheless it will be interesting to see where things will be going with an open source project like this!

  2. @Rune

    Yes, 3D on the web has been around for a long time, with a lot of differente plugins (even google tried it before with its "lively" project)

    The question remains, will any of them ever become widely spread and used by the majority of web users? Or even become a "web-standard"?

    After HTML5's sound and image, I guess a "OpenGL" for the web won't be that far behind.
    (which I think it's what these projects are kind of aiming to.)


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