Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eee Rotate

Have you ever wondered how it would be to use your Eee PC as an eBook reader - or simply, how it would be to use it in portrait mode?

Well, all you need is this Eee Rotate and you can see for yourself. Just press CTRL+ALT+RIGHT to rotate the screen 90º clockwise, or press CTRL+ALT+UP to get it back to its original setting.

Better yet, the trackpad input is rotated as well, to match the screen orientation. (Though external USB mouses won't have the same treatment and become pretty much useless, unless you really have an extrordinary eye-hand coordination. :)


  1. So it doesn't work with Xandros that came with my eee pc then? IS Windows XP prerequisite?

  2. Yes, this is for Windows only.
    Guess Linux should have similar tools available...

  3. my touchpad does NOT rotate. EEE pc 1000 HE

  4. Works fine on my MSI U115 Hybrid

  5. Eeerotate is, apparently, a trojandropper. Best not to download it after all...


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