Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Wave - 21st century email

Google is getting ready to make some waves again - just wait till you see their upcoming Google Wave.

According to them, this is what "email" would look like if it were to be invented now.

What is a wave?

A wave is equal parts conversation and document. People can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.

A wave is shared. Any participant can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add participants at any point in the process. Then playback lets anyone rewind the wave to see who said what and when.

A wave is live. With live transmission as you type, participants on a wave can have faster conversations, see edits and interact with extensions in real-time.

Here's their Google Wave video.

As a side note, almost two decades ago, I was already using a "wave" to communicate with people all around the world using computers. Back in the days of 1200 and 2400baud modems, is there any reader here that still remembers using the Blue Wave offline mail reader when BBS's ruled the computer world? :)


  1. I also thinked in Blue Wave when I saw the name and what google wave is trying to do

  2. ehehe, nice to know I wasn't the only one! :)


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