Sunday, May 31, 2009

RunPee - the best time to run during a movie

Although I'm a very big fan of watching a movie without any interruptions - and thankfully, most of the movie theaters I attend have no intermissions - for others, that's almost impossible.
Of course, I'm referring to all those people who can't stand away from the WC for more than 1h.

So... what can we do? How can you ensure you're not missing one of the most important scenes while you're running to the WC for a quick pee?

Easy: RunPee.

For each movie, this site will tell you the best moments for you to quickly run to the WC without worrying about missing an important part of the movie.

You don't even have to worry about spoilers, the text is garbled at first - and even afterwards, it tells you just as little as possible for you to recognize when you have to leave.

A recommended site for everyone with a small bladder. :)

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